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Where's Marty? Visiting With Civic Works At The Clifton Mansion

Hi everyone!

This morning we were at the historic Clifton Mansion in Clifton Park. It was built in 1803 by shipping magnate Henry Thompson and later sold to Johns Hopkins, who made it his summer home. Having Johns Hopkins himself on the resume is a showstopper, but these days the mansion is home to Civic Works, Baltimore's service corporation.

Civic Works, to me, is a powerful force on so many different levels -- from making sure seniors' homes are secure, to building a brighter future for our kids, to providing fresh vegetables to those who are hungry. Look, I could go on and on FOR REAL. Please just surf by their website and take a look at the best that humankind has to offer. I mean that.

But in the midst of this organization's exemplary work, the headquarters is this magnificent mansion that is slowly but surely being restored to its former glory. It looks like a Victorian-era Italian villa. With grand staircases and enameled windows, the stage is set for dramatic sitting rooms and ballrooms.

By the way, tours of the mansion can be arranged through the Civic Works website. It is still a work-in-progress, but there is plenty to see and learn nonetheless.

But it is Civic Works that is the current story of this grand chapter of Baltimore's past. And a fitting partner to the start of a new era in Clifton Park. Stay tuned -- in a couple of weeks, "Where's Marty?" is going to visit another part of Civic Works in another part of Clifton Park. Trust me, you will smile when you see what the group is doing with some greenspace.

- Marty B

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