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Where's Marty? Checking Out The Threads At Tuxedo House In Timonium

Hi everyone (and TGIF)!

I would bet that anyone reading this knows of an event that was postponed or canceled due to COVID-19. Whether it was a wedding or prom, plenty of ceremonies fell victim to the pandemic. But now that we're all vaccinated and boosted, larger scale gatherings are once again making a comeback.

Given that it is wedding season, today we visited the Tuxedo House, a 112-year-old business in Timonium. With the largest tuxedo inventory in the area, you can only imagine how they and other men's formal wear businesses have been getting slammed as in-person parties and ceremonies resume.

Owner Scott Furman took us behind the scenes to check out the 8,000-square-foot warehouse that is filled with thousands of garments. Between now and New Year's Day, Furman estimated he has about 1,000 events already booked. That will likely make for many a busy weekend for this local business.

How do you outfit that many people? It boils down to logistics. But it also hinges on customers preparing for their special occasions well in advance.

"A lady called yesterday for an April 2023 event because she did not want to get shut out," Furman told us.

Get this: between now and the middle of June, there is a graduation or prom every weekend. So, seniors, do not wait until the last minute to get fitted for your tuxedo. Otherwise, you might find a significantly smaller selection.

At any rate, if a tuxedo is what you're after, feel free to browse the Tuxedo House website and check out the threads they've got in store.

- Marty B

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