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Where's Marty? Touring The Otterbein Cookies Factory, And Somehow Not Eating One

Hi Everyone!

A very nice but non-descript building in a Windsor Mill industrial park is home to a bakery company that turned out its first cookie in 1881. According to the company website, that was the year Adam Otterbein immigrated to Locust Point and started a business that, now, is run by the fifth generation of the family.

When "K2" and I arrived Ben Otterbein introduced us to his employees, he knows them all by name. On air, he was very quick to point out that in a family business, the employees are family and are treated as such. These folks make millions of cookies every year, and the six flavors are all mixed, baked, packaged and boxed by hand, then shipped out quickly to ensure freshness.

otterbein cookie flavors
Otterbein's six types of cookies are chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, ginger, sugar, lemon sugar, and oatmeal raisin.

Ben and his management team are very current, progressive, and are growing the business like the founder may never have imagined, but he is determined that this Baltimore institution will NEVER lose its local roots. Enough so that he proudly showed us the artwork he commissioned to adorn the top of the cookie tin you can order online.

As we were getting ready to go on the air, a batch came right out of the oven. The smell… OH MY. Ben say's, "Ya want one?" And like a jerk, I said no, the sugar buzz would have me crashing right in the middle of work. WHAT A BAD CHOICE. Memo to the Boss: I took one for the team today.

Thanks for hosting us Otterbein family -- it was our treat to see yours!

Marty B!

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