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J.O. Spice in Halethorpe is all you need to celebrate National Spice Day

We're celebrating National Spice Day with JO Spice in Halethorpe | Where's Marty?
We're celebrating National Spice Day with JO Spice in Halethorpe | Where's Marty? 07:42

Monday is National Spice Day, and where else would we go to talk about spice, the Maryland way, other than J.O. Spice in Halethorpe?


"J.O." are the initials of the founder James Ozzie Strigle. These days his grandson David Ports, his wife Ginger, son Tyler, and daughters Bethany, and Brittany head the on site show. 

J.O. does have an on-site retail store that has a selection of all their spices and a ton of merch to purchase. 

The company makes a lot of seasonings. For example, the steak seasoning is just fantastic. 

On their website, you can purchase and have anything in the "brick and mortar" shipped to you. Check out their tee shirt collection too - some are classic!

But it is crab and seafood seasonings that the company makes TONS of. TONS! 

And with Father's Day weekend coming up, and a great weather forecast, all of their commercial clients are ordered up. 

Look at the shot of K2 in the warehouse. Folks that is available inventory right there!


David Ports told us the order of huge crab demand days in the warm weather seasons:

1. July 4th

2. tie... Mother/Father's Day

3. Memorial Day

4. Labor Day

Son Tyler called the 4th the "Super Bowl of crabs in the Mid-Atlantic."

Great folk to visit, and we enjoyed our return. 

The smell inside is one that memories are made from, and Ginger Ports is one of the great characters we have run into during the 2 1/2 years WJZ at 9 has been on the air. Top 5 character, to be honest!

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