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Where's Marty? Learning The Art Of Cooking With Chef Nancy Longo

Hi everyone!

Camp week continued Thursday with a cooking camp. And not just any cooking camp but one run by Nancy Longo, a legendary chef in Baltimore's foodie circles.

Nancy became a chef 38 years ago, though she began cooking with her Italian grandmother at age 7. After graduating from the Baltimore International Culinary College, she began a career that would see her crest the "foodie wave" that came over the city in the late 80's.

Her Pierpoint restaurant on Aliceanna with its contemporary menu started getting attention and national awards immediately. During her career she befriended some of the greats, like Anthony Bourdain, and Paul Prudhomme. In other words, she is the  real deal. And I knew that doing a camp week, we needed to go to her cooking camp, which has been in business for the past 20 years.

Today, like every other day this week, it is life lessons that we being taught. Believe in yourself. Take the challenge of cooking. Understand the recipe. How to safely handle food, how to use a knife safely, how to use a stove, how to feed yourself.

And the some of the lessons I just outlined include: 1) cut vegetables before you wash the product, so the knife does not slip off and cut you. Then wash the celery or whatever; 2) use a knife that fits your hand; 3) do not fear a stove, respect it; and 4) the advice of Julia Child that everyone should know how to cook an egg and roast a chicken.

Today it was the culmination of the week's lessons, and legit gumbo was on the menu. And the kids went at it! (You know how chefs will flip things in a pan rather than stir? The campers learned that early on.) Another unique stop for "Camp Week!" 

Here is the website for a fine restaurant. Check it out because Chef Longo does do classes for adults.

Tomorrow, K2 and I head out to our last stop of the week. We are going to end on a high note! Literally. See ya then!

- Marty B!

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