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Where's Marty? Learning About The Queens Cruise To Kick Off Pride Weekend

HI Everyone!

On Friday, we kicked off Pride Weekend with a visit to City Cruises. Specifically, we visited the Inner Harbor Spirit tour vessel, where we spoke with Chad Barth, vice president of food and beverage for City Cruises, and Sylvia Miller, who has been with the agency for almost two decades. Harbor tours and events really did not come around until just after Harborplace was built. I said it on the air, and I will write it here: Having been on more than a few cruises with these good folks, I feel the value translates to just pennies on the dollar. Always fun.

Just before COVID hit, the company really wanted to put together a big Pride brunch with drag performers benefiting 30 charities. Welp, COVID ended that idea but only temporarily. Queens Cruise, scheduled Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., will have some of the area's best and most popular drag performers. One of whom joined us today. Thank you, Chanel Belladonna, for rising early and getting dressed up to help us kick off Pride Weekend!

For more information on Queens Cruise, head to the brunch's EventBrite page.

I just had a great idea -- a "Where's Marty?" breakfast cruise. Could you imagine?

Everyone have a safe and fun weekend! T.G.I.F., it is the truth!


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