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Where's Marty? He's visiting local quick-bite hotspot Pizza di Joey's

Where's Marty? He's visiting local quick-bite hotspot Pizza di Joey's
Where's Marty? He's visiting local quick-bite hotspot Pizza di Joey's 02:39

HI Everyone!

I have been hearing about Joey Vanoni for a while now. 

And this is Joey.


Joey V started out with a food truck, cooking mind blowing pizza's about eight years ago. Yes, he actually had a brick oven pizza oven installed in a food truck.

About three years ago, he landed in Cross Street Market, and every day the story of Joey Vanoni just keeps getting better.

OK, here is a young guy making his way in the world and we put him on TV. 

End of today's story, right?  

Come on y'all, know better than that. 

Joey's story involves learning how to make pizzas as a kid while working in a famous pizzeria. 

After high school, he joined the Navy. He had a heck of a Naval career, let's just keep it short and say he had "special jobs" during war time. 


When he was discharged, he came back the states, but to Baltimore where he was in the Naval Reserve, and had a gig as a Defense Department contractor. 

Where's Marty? He's visiting local quick-bite hotspot Pizza di Joey's 02:39

But he could not find a full time job. 

So he did what he knew best, started making pizzas. (In the service he made pies as moral boosters on Submarines, and in Afghanistan..look at these shots. Pizza's in active wartime. That's Joey.)

But as he told us this morning, a life of just bread cheese, and tomato sauce, would not be a full life so he dove, with his success in the pizza biz, straight into helping Vets totally down on their luck. 

He told us that vets are all of us - all sizes, all colors, all religions. All of us. 

But this group of hero's has a disproportionate amount of joblessness, mental wandering and suicide. He found a Vets support group in Fed Hill called "  The Baltimore Station."  (  He got so involved he is on the board of directors.)

Vanoni takes that truck to Veterans events, he holds events to raise funds and awareness. He hires the men and women down on their luck here at home when they return form defending all of our freedom's. His mission is a bold one. 

Where's Marty? He's visiting Pizza di Joey's at Cross Street Market 01:31

Veterans Day is Friday but you can help every day. 

You can be of service whether you served or not. Service is more than a uniform, it is also an attitude. If you would just go to the Baltimore Station website to learn more Joey Vanoni, USN Retired, would appreciate it.

And did I mention the pizzas? Here is a Jersey guy making those NJ/NY pies like no one else can! (He is from Bon Jovi's hometown btw). 

Here is his website for more info.

Look, we all have our favorite pizza places. And Baltimore has some legendary ones.  

But Pizza di Joey, in my opinion, is WORTH the drive to Fed Hill, and the new Cross Street Market. 

…….. 9.1

   Marty B!

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