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Where's Marty? Checking With Food And Drink Vendors At The AFRAM Festival

HI Everyone!

T.G.I.F.! (It is the truth!)

Today we went to Druid Park to kick off AFRAM on WJZ!

This weekend marks 45 years of AFRAM. In 2020, it was cancelled, but what wasn't? Last year, it returned virtual as a successful virtual event. This year it is back and back in the park. To say the set up is sprawling is an understatement. AFRAM '22 is built into the rolling northside of the park with plenty of room, and parking. PLENTY!

And the WJZ welcome booth greets you at the entrance. Not only is this great festival leading us out of the COVID, but also leading us at WJZ back out where we belong, in the community! The website is extensive and will answer EVERY question you may have. Shout out to the web designer and IT team. Surf there and then surf by the park!

In the back of the stage area, "AFRAM LIVE!", you will find vendors, two of whom joined K2 and I today. Sydney Newton is going all in on an ice cream, and sorbet business. She will open a brick-and-mortar spot in Belair-Edison this fall, but now she is online. And the sorbet we had this a.m. was a HIT! Check her out at online and on Instagram.

Also with us was Ezra Allen, who is a co-owner of the CAne Collective (yes, that is how it is spelled). He and a friend who lost bartending gigs during the pandemic did a pivot and started making mixers, syrups and other support drinks for for non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages. GREAT pivot.

He made a version of a Crush, the unofficial state drink. A regular "crush" has two shots of either orange or grapefruit vodka, a shot of Triple Sec, a splash of club soda or Sprite and fruit juice. Allen did 4 ounces of his fruit mix, 2 ounces of mineral water and then put a scoop of Sydney's sorbet on top. EPIC!!!!! I now have my new mocktail for the Summer! Sydney and Ezra, I hope you have the best weekend ever promoting your fine products!

Welcome back, AFRAM!

Everyone have a fun and safe weekend. K2 and I will see ya next week!

Marty B!

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