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What's In The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine?

ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) — Since Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine was granted emergency FDA authorization, questions have swirled about the vaccine across Maryland and the country.

Dr. David Marcozzi, senior medical advisor to Gov. Hogan, broke down these concerns in a simple way- telling Marylanders exactly what's in it.

"Just like we do in a grocery store when we read the list of ingredients on an item, I wanted to briefly list the components of the Pfizer vaccine that received the emergency authorization from the FDA," Dr. Marcozzi said.

He listed the four components, one being the active component of mRNA.

"This mRNA helps ourselves make the spike protein of the coronavirus. Only the spike protein, which is what your body reacts to, which leaves you immunized, ready to fight the real virus if you are exposed," he said.

The other ingredients are fats, salts and sugar.

"The fats, also called lipids, are basically tiny greasy spheres that protect the mRNA," he said.

There are four salts in the vaccine. One of them is table salt, which he said buffers the acidity of the vaccine.

The last ingredient- "plain old sugar" he said, also called sucrose. The sucrose prevents the lipid spheres from sticking together when frozen.

The other key facts about this virus, he said, is that it will protect you from getting COVID-19.

"There is no way to get COVID-19 from this vaccine," Dr. Marcozzi said.

Everyone will need two doses about 21 days apart to assure that they are fully protected from the virus.


He debunked some questions he said he had seen.

"There are no contraindications for women of childbearing age, breastfeeding or pregnancy," he said, noting that the vaccine is currently not recommended for children.

Dr. Marcozzi said people might feel an episode of mild fevers or chills or tiredness or, on rare occasions, allergic reactions. He said that for those individuals, there are plans in place to make sure they are treated if that happens.

"Help is coming," he said, adding that when it's his time he looks forward to receiving it.

For the latest information on coronavirus go to the Maryland Health Department's website or call 211. You can find all of WJZ's coverage on coronavirus in Maryland here.

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