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Wet Weather Could Be Affecting Urban Farms' Harvest, But Farmers Stay Positive

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Many city residents have come to rely on small urban farms to put fresh crops on their tables as they supplement what they buy at the grocery store.

"Right now we're in the fall season so we've got lots of greens, you're looking at lettuces, kale, collards, mustard greens, cabbage, radishes, all that fun stuff," said Charlotte Haase, with Civic Works.

Baltimore Is Having The Wettest Year On Record

But now, with all the wet weather, those gardens are not able to keep up. Mother Nature is sending too much water this year and it's making it harder to grow these greens.

"Our fields aren't able to drain, so we just end up with muddy fields where the crops are being drowned in their own spaces," Haase said.

Between Clifton Park and another site, they farm 8 acres. They said they would like access to more, but it's not available.

Clayton Williams, Civic Works farm manager, said he is trying to make the best of the situation.

"Well, I like to look on the positive side. It's a little snowy today but we're still growing, we're in our tunnels and we're trying to make up and have a better year. It's time for our leafy greens so we're trying to make up the best we can," Williams said.

Despite the setback, Real Food Farm is working hard to grow food for city residents who need it the most.

To make up for the losses, they've had to purchase enough food to keep greens on their food trucks.

Though it can be costly, they're at least trying to keep it local by buying from local farmers.

"So, we're figuring out who has what and cobbling together to make our market useful and a resource for community members," Haase said.

All of what's grown there, big or little harvest, goes on food trucks sold at a discount, in neighborhoods that are lacking grocery stores.

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