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Wes Moore meets with Maryland Gov. Hogan to discuss transition of power

Wes Moore meets with Maryland Gov. Hogan to discuss transition of power
Wes Moore meets with Maryland Gov. Hogan to discuss transition of power 02:42

BALTIMORE -- Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Thursday met with Wes Moore, the projected winner of the state's gubernatorial race. The outgoing governor described their meeting as very a "productive and personal conversation".

The pressure is lifting off Governor Hogan as he prepares to pass the torch and responsibilities to Moore.

"I told him that our entire administration is going to do everything we possibly can to not only ensure the peaceful transition of power but to ensure that we can help them get up to speed," Governor Hogan said.     

In their first meeting since the election, Governor Hogan told Moore to soak in all the excitement of his historic win.

"For the past year and a half I've been unemployed," Moore joked. "This has been the world's longest job interview with over 6 million hiring managers, but there's real level of excitement."

The Hogan administration has reportedly prepared detailed briefings on every state agency and handed over that information to the Moore-Miller campaign.

The new administration will now have to prepare to manage the state's  $50-billion budget, tens of thousands of state workers and hire new ones to fill top positions.

"It's imperative for us, we are making sure that we're not just honoring the commitments that we made to people in the state to be prepared and ready to go Inauguration Day, but there's a seriousness in the soberness in this work and our teams are very much working into the details."

Aruna Miller, the incoming lieutenant governor will be leading the transition team for the incoming administration with leaders from Baltimore City, Prince George's County and the Eastern Shore.

"I think the idea is that we want to be able to create a team that's inclusive and reflective of the entire state," said Miller.

Governor Hogan said Moore now has his personal cell phone number as the transition ramps up.

"I've been very impressed with Governor-Elect Moore and I know his heart is in the right place. I think he ran for governor for the right reason. I think he cares about the people of the state," said Moore.

Governor Hogan also said both his and Moore's families will be getting together in the upcoming weeks.

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