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WEATHER BLOG: Warm... For Now

This round of warm weather will come to a peak Wednesday. Temperatures will top out near 80 degrees, close to the record of 82 degrees. And even though we back off the 80s for the rest of the week, it will still remain warm and way above the average of 64 degrees. Areas of morning fog will give way to sunshine and highs in the mid 70s Thursday and Friday. Get out and enjoy the warmth and fall colors the next few days, because we have big time changes coming - starting this weekend.

Regardless of how the storm scenario plays out, one thing we know for certain is that this weather pattern is flipping to much colder. We will see a 25-30 degree swing from the near 80 of today to 50s Monday.

So now on to the storm speculation... Our changes depend on two players and their interaction, a strong cold front over the Plains and Sandy. The big question is: do these storms merge into one big megastorm for the Northeast or does the cold front deflect Sandy away from the United States?

Although we still have a few days before this happens, there is a lot of excitement about this storm in the weather world because a few models have consistently shown the potential for a big storm. Now, notice I used the word POTENTIAL. Whenever you are dealing with such an extreme event this many days out, a lot has to come together properly. Sandy could just as easily miss the connection and head out to sea, bringing us only some showers with the cooldown.

At this point, we will be monitoring this weather situation closely and you should check back with WJZ and for the latest.

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