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Weather Blog: The Last Weekend Of Summer

Hi Everyone!

   It is the last weekend of Summer. Almost automatically you say, "WOW that was fast!" But was it? Even though I said those exact words I am not sure.

   Let me bring up a thought. One word, Cicadas. Remember them? Didn't that seem like years ago? Yes, it does. Now given "that" I am not sure Summer zoomed along.

  By our count, we had 8 heat waves. (Heatwave described as multiple days at or over 90°.) During each of those, I found myself, daily, looking forward to the next day and one day closer to the end of the extreme conditions. I think, over time, constantly looking ahead made the season seem to zoom by. Now back to that one word, Cicadas. That was back starting just after Preakness week. I guess in the end it is a matter of perspective, yours may be different than mine.

  One final thought on this "Purple Friday." Where did all the Cicadas little bodies, and shells, go? Other than some still sticking to downspouts and such, where are they.? At one point I had thousands around the base of a tree in my backyard. Not there anymore. Today Sean Streicher so gently said, "Well the lawnmower took care of that!" Nice. But I do not mow around the base of that tree. I guess over time, a long period of time, nature took care of that issue. And it did not happen overnight. Took a while. Summer was every bit of 90 days.


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