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WEATHER BLOG: The Cool Summer Continues

Yet another day will go by this summer without a high temp in the 90s!

The last time we topped out in the 90s was on July 23 when we reached a high of 94.

Wednesday will mark the 28th day where we have yet to see 90 degrees in Baltimore, and the five-day forecast doesn't have the numbers going up. It has them going down. This weekend, highs are forecast to only reach into the upper 70s.

It hasn't just been a cool August in Baltimore. It's been a cool and rather enjoyable summer. But not everyone has been enjoying a "cool summer" like us, the combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for July 2014 was the fourth highest on record!

If you have been missing the heat, don't sweat it. We should feeling a little bit more like August by the middle of next week.  Temps are expected to rise come Tuesday and Wednesday, but still no 90s in sight . . . for now.

Here's a look at the GFSX MOS Guidance for BWI-Marshall. The max & min temperatures are highlighted for you in the red box.


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