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Weather Blog: Low Clouds, And Sticky

Hi Everyone!

  Did ya see the "Harvest Moon" rise last night. It was bright enough rising slightly after sunset that in many online pictures you could see the blue of the atmosphere. It was bright, bold, and quite proud. But sorry to say the forecast of low clouds tonight might block seeing that "La Luna moment" tonight. The big high, over New England, running our weather now is acting, not as a heat pump but rather a humidifier.

  This morning it was already more humid than at bedtime last night. And the wording of tonight's forecast is, "Low clouds, and sticky." Alrighty then. Summers last insult some might say.

  At 3:21 tomorrow afternoon Fall begins.

  And it is at night when under returning clear skies Friday, and beyond, (when the moon will be moving toward ¾), that you will get your first real taste of the new season. Friday night the forecast low is 51°. That means most of us away from the concrete sprawl will have lows in the upper 40's. The mid 50's will be the low Saturday and Sunday nights. Outside of the concrete islands temps will hover around 50°.

  Hello Fall, let's get this party started.


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