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WEATHER BLOG: Last Weekend Of 2014

Hi Everyone!


Welcome to the last weekend of 2014, and it should not be all that half bad. Today, and tomorrow,  darn near perfect. Then comes Sunday and the reason I said, "not all that half bad." The latter half of the weekend, and the first day of next week, look to be gray  and damp, and getting chillier. Let's get into a bit more detail.

Sunday we play the Browns and there is occasional rain in the forecast. A lot of you may be planning on going. I don't think there will be a lot of rain but I can't say you won't see any, during the game, either. Nuts..but we just have to, as Raven Nation, "man up" and deal with  it.

Once we move beyond gray, and damp,  we will see a downturn in temps as we move toward 2015, but no rain, or snow. Yet.

Have a fine weekend, and keep the chill out of the holiday season going!



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