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Weather Blog: Hazy, Hot And Humid On Heatwave Day 2

Hi Everyone!

   Day two of our current heatwave starts very much as yesterday did; very warm, and humid. Today may end, though, with less thunderstorm activity than yesterday. May. Today's forecast reads very much like yesterday's with hazy, hot and humid being the headline. Spotty thunderstorms being the subheadline. But those storms may be further North and Northwest than yesterday.

   Our futurecast does show rain cells and storms blossoming later on but mostly North and Northwest away from the Baltimore area. Mostly. In other words stay on point, and keep weather aware. With any luck areas in Baltimore County, Harford, and Cecil counties may be for the most part spared from storms, and alerts we had yesterday evening. Time will tell.

  The forecast high of 95° may feel as hot as 105° later on.

 NO surprises in any of what we have been discussing. Consistency, as I always like to remind you, is a good thing in an outlook. And we are still on track to see many more days of this, but to ALSO see the heatwave end as we end the weekend and start next week. And no change in that thinking is good.


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