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Weather Blog: Do Certain Events Guarantee Specific Weather?

Hi Everyone!

  One more day. One more day of heat, and humidity. And now we know why this heatwave is hitting us right now. And thanks to Tim Williams for pointing out that this would be the week leading up to, and the weekend of Artscape! You can set your weather calendar by this event. Since day one of Artscape when JZ was a presenting sponsor, these days in July have been blistering. It is a right of passage here on TV Hill that the newest reporter gets to join the weather folks for the Noon news live shot the Friday before Artscape when it is guaranteed to feel like a thousand degrees.  You are on the air just melting standing on that pavement. All you can do is go home, take off your clothes, and burn them. Then jump in the shower.  Set your calendars by this.

  And if certain events do "guarantee" a certain type of weather next up will be in two weeks when the Ravens put on the pads and start training camp. Boom will go the thermometer. Make your calendar by it. Take it to the bank, in this case the stadium for an open practice. It will be a thousand degrees.

  So the question is what would be the Winter equivalent to this "mark your calendar day?" Easy answer, and Tim agreed with me when I said the answer is….When the O's open Spring training. It never fails that the Mid-Atlantic gets a snowfall. Sometimes big, sometimes not so much so but snowfall is a lock to happen.

  Right now we could also discuss how weekend rain in June is guaranteed because of weddings but that is for a different time…And yes Brides it IS good luck when it rains on an outdoor June wedding. Sure. Stay cool y'all.


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