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Weather Blog: Another Hot One Coming

Hi Everyone!

Another very hot one today. How hot? By example, I will explain. I am very fond of talking about how pleasant even very warm Summer evenings can be "out of the glare of the sun." Last night it was simply hot, and out of the glare of the Sun no great relief. And that will be the case again this evening. We are forecasting a 97° high today. The dinnertime temp will still be in the low 90's. And so it goes.

Tomorrow just 90° as the forecast high, and that segues us into a discussion of, now, Tropical Storm Elsa.

Elsa is bringing rain to almost all of Florida. She was put back to Tropical Storm status during the overnight with winds just below Hurricane-force of 74 mph. Elsa will make landfall between Tampa and Panama City then head on the track suggest yesterday through Georgia, the Carolina's, and to the mouth of the Bay before shooting out to sea. Big consistency in that forecast track. Effects will be showers and thunderstorms around, more intense and numerous over the Delmarva. A steady wind South and East of Baltimore in the 35 mph range. All things considered no huge storm-related impact in the cards right now. So dare we say this heatwave is in some ways more severe than tropical weather headed our way? Yes, think so. But we will stay on point and update Elsa through the course the day.


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