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#WeAreBaltimore | Baltimore Residents Share Their Stories, Pride After Trump Tweets

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- After President Donald Trump called the city of Baltimore "rat and rodent-infested mess" and said no human would want to live there, city residents are sharing their stories.

Some shared why they loved living and working in the city, others shared beauty shots or hometown pride.

"Born in poverty, graduated from City College, (one of the oldest high schools in the country), Morgan State University, (largest HBCU in the state), pursuing a masters from Stevenson University & proud to call Baltimore home!" tweeted Howie.

"I live in Elijah Cummings' district - does this look like the kind of place no human would want to live?" tweeted Aleyna Rentz.

"Hailing from West Baltimore by way of Lexington Terrace, a lover of all things Baltimore including its flaws!" tweeted Shamara P. Bownes.

"We're getting married in Charm City in September because we love Baltimore. There's no place we'd rather be. It's a beautiful city that is routinely and unfairly used as a punching bag," tweeted Greg Waples.

"I will always be proud to call #Baltimore my hometown!!" tweeted Alissa Arford.

"I'm from North West Baltimore Arlington, Callaway, and Dolfield communities. I am a scientist. I wish people wouldn't paint with such a broad brush. My city is beautiful and wonderful. Not perfect but what is? Not the president!" tweeted Shannon Tomlinson.

"Focusing on one of my hundreds of thousands of positive stories from my 19 years as a Baltimore City teacher: Two of my 7th graders will compete this year for $17,000 in an Entrepreneurship competition in New York with NFTE," tweeted teacher Deneen McDonald.

"The Baltimore I know is a city called to action after the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of police, thousands of people engaged in the great American tradition of protest to demand accountability and justice," said Nick Mailloux.

"Lived in Baltimore most of my life, home of the friendliest and most generous people in the world. Proud of Charm City," said Jen Michalski.

"So much for Baltimore. The people of Charm City won't be bullied," tweeted Michael Dillon.



Even local businesses shared their pride:

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