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Wayback Wednesday: Former Sportscaster For WJZ John Buren

Former sportscaster for WJZ John Buren joined Norris and Long for this week's Wayback Wednesday.

Buren talks about what it was like when the Baltimore Ravens first came to town and what it was like for the team to share the spotlight with the Baltimore Orioles.

Buren says, "The Orioles were hot then, in '96, '97 when they were winning...this was a baseball town. The Ravens had an up-hill climb to ingratiate themselves to the Baltimore sports consumer. Kevin Bryne, who's still with the team, he and the rest of the guys in the front office did an outstanding job of coming in and saying 'we're part of you.'"

Hear Ed, Rob and John reminisce over Camden Yards' 25th Anniversary, what it was like with and without football in Baltimore and the sportscasting business.

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