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Exoneree Walter Lomax Saved By Police After Suffering Heart Attack Before Testifying On Compensation Bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- A Baltimore man who was exonerated after nearly four decades for crimes he did not commit has been an advocate for criminal justice reform in Maryland.

Walter Lomax was scheduled to testify before the General Assembly on behalf of Maryland exonerees Wednesday when he suffered a heart attack and collapsed.

WJZ was interviewing Lomax in Annapolis about his involvement in a bill that would improve how Maryland compensates people who have been wrongfully convicted and incarcerated.

Moments after the interview, Lomax collapsed.

A Maryland State Trooper heroically administered CPR until the paramedics arrived on the scene and took Lomax to the hospital.

It was determined that Lomax had a heart attack. He had a procedure to place a stent in his heart.

WJZ was told that Lomax should be released from the hospital in the next few days.

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