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Videos show several violent fights at Loch Raven High School; school officials inform parents

Loch Raven High parents concerned after multiple fights caught on video
Loch Raven High parents concerned after multiple fights caught on video 02:53

BALTIMORE - Multiple videos show students at Loch Raven High School fighting inside school walls.

In a letter sent to parents, the school says the latest fight among several students happened in the main office shortly after the third period.

Parents tell WJZ there have been several violent fights that broke out at the school within the week.

"This has been a weekly occurrence all year long," parent Michael Joyce said.

Joyce told WJZ his daughter is often scared to go to school. 

"It makes me nervous and it stresses me out because I can see the anxiety my daughter has every day going to school, worried if someone is going to hit her," Joyce said.

At one point in a video, the school's vice principal is seen slamming into the reception desk and falling to the ground as students swarm the area and continue fighting.

School administrators, the school resource officer and police quickly stepped in to break up the fight, according to the letter sent to families.

The letter goes on to say "fighting in school will not be tolerated" and "disciplinary action will be taken and students involved in the fight will be referred to law enforcement." 

In another video, two students are seen fighting in the hallway by the lockers while students watch and record. 

Another clip shows a massive fight between multiple students, knocking over desks throughout the classroom.

And another violent fight broke out at the front of a classroom with one person attempting to break it up.

The principal sent a letter to faculty and staff saying the videos posted on social media are unsettling and they plan on having additional resources available on campus Friday to support the school.

That letter also says the school is taking the recent actions seriously and a plan is being discussed to come up with a solution.

Joyce says this type of behavior in the classroom is unacceptable. 

"I just want it to stop," Joyce said. "It's not fair to the kids that want to be there and are trying to learn and trying to be safe, to have to deal with this." 

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