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Video Shows Squeegee Worker Assaulting A Driver At Busy Baltimore Intersection

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A video obtained by WJZ appears to show squeegee workers assaulting a driver at a red light off of Mount Royal Avenue in Baltimore. 

The video was taken Thursday afternoon from a camera inside a car behind the incident. 

The video appears to show a squeegee worker banging on the car and opening the car door. After the driver shuts it, the worker opens it again, appearing to hit the person inside of the car. 

The owner of the video, who wants to remain anonymous, gave it to the police who encouraged them to share it publicly to help identify the suspects. 

"It's just like any other type of business or hustle. You're just trying to make a profit," Davion Hodges, a bell attendant at Hotel Revival who used to squeegee, said. "Basically, that's all, without getting into any trouble or any trouble comes your way but while you're doing it, it seems to come your way."

Now, Hodges is part of Mayor Brandon Scott's 90-day Squeegee Plan, facilitated by the Office of African American Male Engagement. 

"This is bringing them into the corporate world, being accepted as who you are or your past experiences with a transferable skill set," Christia Scott, the human resources manager at Hotel Revival, said.

Tavon Chavious squeegeed for five years in Baltimore. But through the Squeegee Plan, he's now a house attendant at Hotel Revival. Chavious says he loves his job. 

But for his friends who are still squeegeeing, he says he can help them best by setting an example. 

"I was doing the same thing as them, so I'm trying to better my future," Chavious said. "So now, I can show them a better way."

Nineteen men are employed through the program, including four at Hotel Revival, and seven more will be starting the training program soon.

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