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Video Shows Baltimore County Man Elias Costianes In Senate Elevator, Chambers During Capitol Riot

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — A federal complaint unsealed this week shows a Baltimore County man on video in the Senate elevator and chambers during the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6.

The complaint alleges Elias Costianes documented his movements through the Capitol on Snapchat, recording himself as he went through the building.

A man's voice was heard in a video saying "Mitch McConnell's a traitor" as he moved up the stairs.

It shows from what federal agents believe to be his point of view of him entering the Senate elevator.

Elias Costianes EDT
Credit: FBI

The complaint goes on to say they believe, based on the videos, that Costianes was heard saying "Oh my God," as he entered the second level of the U.S. Senate overlooking the Senate floor.

As he descends down to the floor, another voice is heard saying, "Take everything."

Costianes Chamber
Courtesy via FBI

In response, the voice officials believe to be Costianes says, "You can't take their stuff," and then shortly after turns the camera toward his own face with the Snapchat geotag "J.W. MARRIOTT GRAND BALLROOM."

They also reviewed video feeds by U.S. Senate cameras that identified Costianes standing close to a man wearing a helmet as they overlooked the floor at around 2:49 p.m.

Costianes Chamber 2
Courtesy via FBI

Another video, shot from outside the Capitol building, shows him appearing to climb up the scaffolding.

He then turns the camera toward the crowd after he got up to the building and himself going up the stairs with the crowd.

The video continues with him walking into the Capitol with the crowd, going up the stairs further inside and stopping in front of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's office.

He's heard saying, "Speaker of the House" as those around him chant "Nancy" eight minutes into the video.

Then, the complaint alleges he's heard saying "Open the f****ing doors," and then about a minute later, "Let's go."

The camera is turned toward the same doorway being guarded by a law enforcement officer that was overrun.

He is being charged with obstruction of justice, unlawful entry on restricted buildings or grounds and violent entry, disorderly conduct and other offenses on Capitol grounds.

You can read the full complaint here.

Elias Costianes U.S. Capitol Riot Complaint by WJZ on Scribd


On February 12, the FBI raided Costianes Nottingham home and took him into custody.

Neighbors said it was a frightening wake-up call in the early morning hours.

"It was a little scary," one neighbor told WJZ. "There were two booms, they surrounded the house, this is the FBI, we have a search warrant."

Local homeland security expert, Michael Greenberger, said by making these consequences clear, it's going to be a big deterrent to further violent demonstrations of this kind.

"For years and years and years, our terrorism worries were of foreign intervention," Greenberger said. "Now, the big worry is what people, our own citizens, may want to do to harm the public."

"I do think the after-effects of January 6, the FBI investigation, the criminal indictments are going to have a mitigating effect," Greenberger added.

Costianes is now one of at least nine Marylanders facing federal charges related to the riot.

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