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Cell Phone Video Captures Horseback Riding Through City Streets

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—As city police attempt to curb a weekly dirt bike gathering, it didn't stop people from horseback riding through the streets of Baltimore.

Videos quickly made the Twitter rounds of people riding on horses down North Avenue on Sunday night.

The horseback riding comes as city police work to put an end to dirt bike riding near the 3300 block of Reisterstown Road.

"The dirt bike riders want to use this roadway to perform tricks and ride up and down the road recklessly. This is just not the right area for that," said police.

It's unknown if the tonight's horseback riding is related, or retaliatory to police actions toward dirt bike riding.

WJZ has not received an official word on the legality of horse riding though the city like Sunday night's incident, but according to the city health department, it's legal to own and ride a horse in the city.


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