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'It's A Mess, I Feel Angry' Ongoing USPS Mail Delays Leaves Residents Frustrated In Baltimore County

PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) -- If you're still not getting your mail in Parkville, you're not alone. The message is the same but the frustration is growing.

It's been weeks since neighbors in Parkville say they've seen any of their mail.

"It went from one week in June, to two weeks in July, to three weeks in August that I receive one piece of mail," said neighbor, Michael Guice.

And the problems at the post office still aren't showing any signs of improvement.

"I've been coming up here every week asking 'where is my mail?' and they keep giving me the same answer which is 'oh you have a new driver it will be out today' and we don't get mail that day," said Marissa Taylor.

Marissa Taylor relies on the post office to deliver paychecks -- money that's used to take care of her two siblings with special needs.

She said it's been a guessing game on if and when she gets any mail.

"It's a mess. I feel angry," said Taylor.

She's not the only one. It's been an issue nationwide for the past year.

"Haven't gotten any mail in two months," said Janet Trimble.

In a statement to WJZ, post office officials blamed the pandemic for the delays. They said they're working to address the problem saying in part "we have expanded mail deliveries to earlier in the morning, later in the evening and on Sundays to ensure customers receive mail."

But from lost medications to late bills and delayed paychecks, neighbors want answers.

"There's five weekly checks I have in this building, $2500 in this building," said Guice.

"They keep telling us the mail carrier is on the way. Well, I've been looking for him. He's nowhere to be found," said Marsha Johnson.

To further keep up with the demands, the postal service said it's using mail carriers from nearby offices when necessary to make deliveries.

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