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Students Disciplined After Bringing Confederate Flags To School

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. (WJZ) -- Students at a Howard County high school were disciplined for displaying a controversial symbol twice during school events.

A controversial photo circling the Internet reportedly shows students at Glenelg High School raising the Confederate flag at last Friday's football game.

"It's not OK, it's not OK at all," Glenelg resident Lisa Peklo said.

On Wednesday, just days later, schools officials say two students walked into with confederate flags draped over their shoulders, causing more outrage.

The school superintendent says the students involved have been disciplined according to the school code of conduct, which is "intolerant of hateful and disruptive behaviors, words and symbols."

In a statement to WJZ, County Executive Ken Ulman said public displays of the Confederate flag evoke division, hate and subjugation.

"We must teach our kids why this is such a hurtful symbol to so many people. We must fight against injustice and intolerance in any form, especially in our schools," Ulman said.

Community members tell WJZ they're concerned about the incidents.

"You would believe that people have gotten beyond that now," Rudy Schmidt, a Glenelg resident said.

"I'm disturbed to heard that young people would have such backward, warped thoughts and ideas. This is actually very distressing to me," Peklo added.

School officials hope incidents like this provide a teachable moment for all their students.

The school system has not said what specific disciplinary actions were taken against the three students.

Meghan McCorkell will have this story at 5 p.m.

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