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Gov. Larry Hogan Says He's 'Disgusted' After Baltimore Councilman Ryan Dorsey Suggests Removing Police Memorial

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A Twitter war is raging on between a Baltimore city councilman and the city's police union after the councilman suggested a police memorial should be removed.

On Thursday, Gov. Larry Hogan added his voice to the ongoing feud, saying, "I am disgusted by the vile remarks about removing the public memorial saluting Baltimore's fallen police officers, which was funded and championed by their family members."

The social media war began last week when Councilman Ryan Dorsey tweeted that the Fraternal Order of Police memorial should be removed. The memorial he was speaking of is actually a memorial to fallen Baltimore police officers.

Falle officers memorial Baltimore
Credit: WJZ

During July 4th protests, Dorsey tweeted asking, "How is it that with all the attention given to the Columbus monuments, and as consistently awful as the FOP is, how is the FOP memorial not on the list of monuments to remove?"

Later that night, protesters pulled down the statue of Christopher Columbus in Little Italy and then threw it into the harbor.

On Tuesday, Dorsey tweeted a clarification saying that he was told the FOP memorial is not actually an FOP memorial.

However, Dorsey also doubled down on his critique of the FOP saying, "FOP3 is a toxic, divisive organization. FOP3 attacks and tears down every effort to reform BPD. FOP3 wages endless war against anyone who dares speak out against police corruption, misconduct and abuse -- including its own officers. FOP3 defends and encourages unconstitutional conduct by its officers."

FOP President Mike Mancuso responded to Dorsey's "veiled threats" on Wednesday and stated he would be asking their attorneys to send two letters: a Public Information Act request to the BPD involving Councilman Ryan Dorsey and then a letter to Commissioner Michael Harrison asking that the memorial be protected from harm.

During a press conference Thursday, Baltimore Mayor Jack Young was asked about the monument debate, including the Columbus statue.

"There's no way you can erase history, you learn from it," Young said. "Those monuments should have something there to talk about what happened in the dark past."

The memorial was vandalized last month with red spray paint.

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