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TTYM: This Week's Top 5 MLB Moments Off The Field You Need To See

by @TaraLipinsky

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The baseball season is revving up and things are starting to get interesting and not just on the field.  In this week’s That Thing You Missed a baseball announcer makes a Royal Mistake, Justin Verlander can’t keep his eye on the ball, one fan blows it big time with this date and a Casanova is conceived.

1. Royals Announcer Confuses The Moon With A Planet

Broadcaster Rex Hudler thinks the moon is a planet? Yeah SCIENCE! by MLB on YouTube

Rex Hurdler isn’t exactly known for his brilliant banter, but this comment is out of this world.  During a live broadcast he insisted the moon was actually a planet. What a space cadet.

Story via CBS New York 

2. Fan Spills Beer On His Date

During a Diamondbacks and Rockies game one clumsy fan reaches for a foul ball and spills his beer on his date. He doesn’t even make the catch. Frankly, I find it hard to believe those two are together to begin with.

Story via CBS Detroit

 3. Young Rangers Fan Charms An Older Woman With A Bait And Switch

Watch closely clumsy beer guy, this is how it’s done.

Story via CBS DFW

4. Verlander Has Trouble Keeping His Eye On The Ball

Not even a Stanley Cup Playoffs Game 7 can top Kate Upton’s assets.

Story via CBS Detroit

 5. Yankees and Mets Read Craigslist 'Missed Connections'

Now this is the way to celebrate a Subway Series.

Story via CBS New York

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