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Travelers Should Ready Their Cars For Hot Weather, Mind Move Over Law, AAA Says

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- AAA is anticipating more than 730,000 Marylanders to travel over Memorial Day weekend, and the association wants people to be prepared.

More than 380,000 calls for help are expected nationwide this summer, AAA says, with over 7,000 here in Maryland alone.

Hot weather brings with it some automotive challenges, much like the winter months, so the organization is sharing some tips.

"People really need to prepare their cars for the summer," said Edward Hickey, manager for AAA club fleet operations in Baltimore. "They need to make sure their battery is good, that they're taking it in for the recommended services for cooling systems."

And don't forget about your tires.

"The pressure, the tread depth, so one thing you don't want to do is run down the road on a highway with low tire pressure," Hickey said. "That can lead to tire failure."

It's also important for drivers to make sure to keep others on the roads safe.

This year, largely because of a AAA bid to protect its workers, the "move over" law was expanded beyond public safety and service vehicles to include all vehicles stopped on the highway with warning lights, flashers or other caution signals.

Gov. Larry Hogan just signed the bill last week, and it goes into effect in October.

"Make sure if you see someone on the side of the road, you move over away from them at the next light," Hickey said. "If you can not, please slow down. There's someone on the side of the street that wants to go home just as they came to work."


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