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Transplant Survivor Shares Spotlight In Everyman Theater's 'Under The Skin'

BALTIMORE (WJZ)--There's a new play at Everyman Theater in Baltimore and its taking on a special meaning for the theater, especially a member of the crew.

Ron Matz has more on a transplant survivor and how art imitates life.

Under the Skin is the new play At Everyman Theater. It's about Everyman lighting director Jay Herzog, who received a liver transplant one year ago today.

"I've had a number of my friends come to the show. It's so nice to see them laugh, it's so nice to have a moment in the theater. I have not gotten through a single rehearsal yet where I haven't cried," said Herzog.

Jay's surgery was performed at the University of Maryland.

"The liver surgery is a bit more difficult than a kidney transplant," Herzog  says. "They were shocked that I had as many people calling for me. There's a lot love out there, a lot of outreach."

"I'm really excited that this play will be an opportunity with my job to start discussion about organ donation and what that can mean for patients who are incredibly ill," said Dr. Rolf Barth, University of Maryland Transplant Surgeon. "One of the most important things we do is to try to find organs and promote organ donations, a really life saving thing."

Its art imitating life at Everyman.

"I can honestly say I picked the play because I think it's a great play, but the Jay factor I call it was huge," said Vince Lancisi, Everyman artistic director. "Thank god he's alive and well and working at Everyman on this special play on organ donations."

This is Jay Herzog's 20th year at Everyman, Under the Skin is his 50th show.

"I couldn't ask for anything more," says Jay. "Vinnie says he probably would have picked the play anyway but I still think of it as a special gift."

Jay Herzog is also a professor in the theater department at Towson University and lives with his wife and children in Parkville.

"Under the Skin" continues at Everyman Theater through February 21st.

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