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Towson University Officer Suspended After Triple Shooting On Campus, Student Released From Hospital

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) -- Towson University said in a statement Tuesday that a veteran officer of the university's Office of Public Safety is on a paid suspension after a triple shooting at a large, unpermitted party at the heart of campus over the weekend.

Three were hospitalized in the shooting, including a student. The university announced Tuesday that the student has been released from the hospital. She will return to class and campus, the school said.

Only one victim remains hospitalized.

The officer is suspended pending a full investigation into whether they followed established procedure that evening. The school said 400 people were at the event when the shooting happened.

In a series of emails, university officials said the public safety presence on campus has increased after Saturday's shooting. They're still asking students for help piecing together how a campus party turned violent.

"Wow. I left before everything happened. That's crazy. Happy I was able to leave when I did," said Sabrina Saltibus, Towson Sophomore.

A gathering, university officials stressed was not organized or sanctioned approved by the school or any student group.

Towson University's president called the shootings "an egregious act of violence" and told students they'd pick up the security presence.

"It's a normal thing to me. I'm not saying school shootings should be normal, but it's, right now in the U.S., kind of normalized," said Zachary Jackson, Towson Sophomore.

"The one time I did decide to go out, it was like, 'Wow. I regretted it. I should have stayed in my bed," said Saltibus.

A $2,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.

"If I knew any information, I would help them, but… there's cameras literally at every single post. It's kind of upsetting they're kind of asking me to actually help the situation," said Jackson.

WJZ reached out to police to see if there are any updates in the investigation. They said they don't "have any updates at this time."

University officials also declined our request to talk today.

The school is offering students counseling and support services.

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