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Torrey Smith's Baby Son Expands His Fanbase

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith is a fan favorite---but someone else is building his own fanbase: his eight-month-old son, TJ!

Linh Bui checked in with mom Chanel to see how the little guy is doing.

TJ has already changed a lot since the last time we saw him. He's gotten bigger and his personality is really coming out. Parents Torrey and Chanel can't remember what life was like before they had him.

When we first met Torrey Jeremiah in June, the infant slept through the entire interview with his proud parents.

"I'm looking forward to trying to make him be the best man he can be and I have to try to be the best role model I can be for him," Torrey said.

But now at eight months old, he's unstoppable!

"I can't put him down and leave him for a second. He's so quick," said Chanel Smith.

TJ started crawling early---at four and a half months old! Now he's trying to talk.

"He's been saying baba," Chanel said. "No idea [what it means]. Just a sound, I guess."

But she's trying to get him to say mama first...and Torrey is aiming for dada.

"It's definitely a contest," Chanel said.

We wanted an update on TJ about his big year so far. He dressed up as his dad for his first Halloween.

"He just didn't cooperate. He hated the hat; the helmet he hated. He just wanted to be in his diaper," Chanel said.

He went to his very first Ravens game at M&T Bank Stadium.

"We got stopped a lot. Before it was, `Oh, you're Torrey's wife!' Now it's like, `Oh, it's TJ!'" Chanel said.

There's a reason everyone recognizes him: photos and videos of TJ fill Chanel's Instagram feed. Each gets thousands of likes. But it's not easy getting that perfect shot.

"He's just so interested in whatever else is around him. We did his photo shoot at Bougher's Orchard. All he wanted to do was grab the apples and eat them so that was our big problem at that one," Chanel said.

TJ is a happy, easygoing affectionate baby---and it already looks like he loves football! Who knows? He might just follow in Dad's footsteps. But for Mom, the future can wait.

"People tell you all the time, `They're gonna grow so fast. Cherish these moments' and I look back and I'm like...since the last interview we did with you, he's so much bigger. So I'm trying to cherish these moments with him," Chanel said.

TJ turns one in April and Chanel is already planning a big birthday party. Of course, she's promised to post pictures.

Chanel says TJ looks like his dad but has more of her personality.

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