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Oh, Boy! First-Time Dad Torrey Smith Introduces WJZ To His Family

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Ravens superstar Torrey Smith is getting ready to celebrate his very first Father's Day. He and his wife, Chanel, welcomed their son TJ in April.

All three of them sat down with Linh Bui in an exclusive interview as baby TJ makes his television debut.

You can't talk about the Baltimore Ravens without mentioning Torrey Smith. He's their star wide receiver, helping lead them to a Super Bowl championship in 2012---and the fans absolutely love him.

But these days, Smith's playing a new position, that requires training 24/7: Dad.

WJZ got an exclusive interview with Smith and his wife, Chanel. The new parents are on camera for the first time with their baby boy, TJ.

"I've only cried tears of happiness twice in my life, and..." Smith said.

"You almost cried at our wedding!" said Chanel Smith.

"Yeah. I almost cried at our wedding---almost. I played Jedi mind tricks to make it not happen but yeah. So let's say two and a half because it almost happened. So my wedding, when I was drafted and when he came out," Torrey said.

Baby TJ--short for Torrey Jeremiah--came into the world on April 4. This bundle of joy is Torrey and Chanel's first child but say they were ready because--coming from big families--they got a lot of practice.

"I wouldn't really say there have been any surprises because we're both the oldest of our siblings. It's not our first time changing a diaper; it's not the first time dealing with a crying baby or anything like that, but the difference is, we can't pass him off," Torrey said.

"We worry a lot if he's sick and I knew I was going to be that way so it's not a surprise," Chanel said. "No surprises yet."

Football skills don't necessarily translate to parenting skills.

"I'll tell you one thing--mistakes happen on the field. You have some concentration lapses and you drop the ball," Torrey said. "I'm not going to drop this kid."

Soon, he will be back on the field at M&T Bank Stadium with thousands of fans screaming his name.

It's a family baby TJ is already a part of because Torrey and Chanel love sharing new pictures and videos of him on social media.

"He's definitely one of the newest additions to the Ravens family. People love it and everyone loves babies," Torrey said.

Baby TJ means Torrey and Chanel's life together will never be the same--and they couldn't be happier about that.

View Photo Gallery: Torrey & Chanel Smith Introduce Baby TJ

They're already dreaming about his future. While many things are uncertain, one thing is for sure:

"I don't know what it is, track, basketball, he's going to do something," Chanel said.

"I'm looking forward to trying to make him be the best man that he can be and I have to try to be the best role model that I can be for him," Torrey said.

Torrey and Chanel say baby TJ will be at the first Ravens home game this year.

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