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Thousands Across Baltimore Ditch Car Keys For Bicycles In Bike To Work Day

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Across the country, hundreds of thousands of people left their car keys at home and hopped on their bike to get to work.

For the 22nd year, Baltimore cyclists joined in on the fun of Bike to Work Day.

"I definitely feel better when I ride my bike, endorphins kick in and it's more interesting than driving," Jennifer Edwards said.

Edwards only has to bike a mile to get to work.

"[I bike] for the environment, to save on gas money when I can," Edwards added.

Don Halligan made a nine-mile commute on Bike to Work Day.

"When I get into work I'm energized, happy and ready to go," Halligan said.

Although there were over 1,500 cyclists who signed up for Bike to Work Day, there were fewer participants at City Hall this year.

Some cycling advocates are upset with how the city is managing its dedicated bike lanes.

Earlier this month, the protected lanes on Roland Ave. were removed, and the city is looking to redo similar lanes in Mount Vernon.

Acting City Department of Transportation Director Frank Murphy said that no matter what is done, someone will be unhappy.

"We have communities, we have institutions and it's a balance," Murphy said. "We try to serve everyone's needs as best we can."

There were 22 locations around Baltimore, including City Hall, that participated in Bike to Work Day.

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