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"It Never Should Have Happened": Mayor Brandon Scott Apologizes For Harlem Park Lockdown

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Baltimore Mayor apologized on behalf of the city for the 2017 lockdown of Harlem Park by Baltimore Police Wednesday.

On Monday, four residents from the neighborhood reached a settlement in a lawsuit filed against the Baltimore City Police Department and former Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

In November 2017 after the death of Detective Sean Suiter, Baltimore Police ordered a lockdown of Harlem Park. Residents were routinely stopped by officers without any probable cause and they were required to show identification so their names could be run through law enforcement databases.

Officers were also posted at every alleyway and corner with checkpoints at each intersection.

"It never should have happened," said Scott. "On behalf of the city, I deeply apologize and we're going to make sure is that we're working with this Commissioner, and this department, working with our partners in the council, and then state level to put things in place to make sure that it never happens again."

Scott said such lockdowns won't be allowed to happen under his watch.

"I know it won't happen as long as I'm here," said Scott. "And we cannot have neighborhoods, people who who are just simply trying to get home and get a good night's rest to go to work, to not be able to enter the house."

Scott said lately he's seen officers walking residents to their homes after tragedy strikes their neighborhoods, instead of away from them.

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