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Third annual Vintage Black Expo unites Baltimore's small businesses

Third annual Vintage Black Expo unites Baltimore's small businesses
Third annual Vintage Black Expo unites Baltimore's small businesses 02:01

BALTIMORE — When it comes to vintage style, art and innovation—Baltimore is home to it all. 

Saturday afternoon, a celebration of fashion and past trends came together at the Vintage Black Expo. Itr was held inside of Assembly Hall in downtown Baltimore.

It's a day to preserve, elevate, and celebrate vintage Black history, art, culture, and innovation for the future. 

From hats to healing hardwear to twisted wearable art, Baltimore's vintage creators get a chance to show that they can do it all. 

"Let's make Black vintage for the future," said Zakiya Shivers, the founder of the Vintage Black Expo and owner of Tightfisted Fashion.

For Dwayne Hazelwood– it's one thing he's known for.

"It became like my signature Look. So everywhere I went, I always had on a hat. So then I got into making my own," said Dwayne Hazelwood the owner of Hazelwood Hats.

"When someone wears  my hats, I want them to feel unique. I want them to feel like they know they're the only person with this wherever they go." 

Each piece is handmade and no two are alike. 

"They're not going to run into anybody with the same thing they have on," said Hazelwood.

He  is one of dozens of small business owners coming together for the Vintage Black Expo. 

"These people I always hear and see online. But now I get to actually be with them and support their business as well," Hazelwood explained. 

Creators, designers and artists get to showcase their stylish unique pieces that embodies Black fashion history. 

"I always knew that fashion would be something that I would be involved in," said Sam Smith, a wellness and wardrobe expert. 

"We all get to see and experience what black excellence is really like, live in person," Hazelwood told WJZ. 

The expo gives them a platform and resources to grow. 

"It is an arena for us to all see what we do, feed each other, buy from each other, showcase everything about our visions and you know just come together and network," said Malaika Tamu-Cooper a sponsor of the expo and the owner of Dreadz N' Headz Natural Hair Care Center.

 "So many times we have businesses that are birthed in our basement of our house in that kitchen and places like that."

"I want people to feel excited about the opportunity of saying old things meet new—  reimagined," said Shivers.

"You don't have to do what everybody else is doing. If you feel like you're doing something unique and it speaks to you and speaks to your heart, then go for it," said Hazelwood. 

The next Vintage Black Expo will be held in August 2024. To learn more visit their website.

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