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The Norris & Davis Show Best Of - Week Of July 17th

This week's edition of the Norris & Davis Show Best Of includes interviews with john Rallo on UFC 200, Golf Digest Senior Writer Ron Sirak on the Open Championship, and former Gold Medalist and member of the Magnicficent Seven Shannon Miller on her memories of the 96 Atlanta games and her battle with ovarian cancer.


John started off by talking about what the biggest story line of UFC 200 was saying "the biggest story was the pre-story of Jon Jones being dropped off the car...but the biggest story had to be Brock Lesnar returning and coming back with a short training schedule and winning." When asked about the women's title change John said "I thought Amanda was going to be the person to beat was a super impressive performance, she's a great striker and a black belt...she's the first openly gay fighter to win a championship in the UFC."

When asked about the Jon Bones Jones suspension John said "it depends, there is a lot of fishy stuff going on with that...I hate to jump on Jon because if it was a tainted supplement those suspensions are only 4-6 months, they leaked yesterday that they think he failed for more than one substance." As for what he thinks will happen with any suspension John said "I think he may get hit with a 2-4 year suspension...I hope as a fan and for Jon's sake its a 4-6 month rather than 2-4 year suspension."


Ron started out by talking about the top 4 golfers in the world not going to the Olympics saying "well I don't think it was not wanting to play, but I think Zika is used as an excuse...Brazil is not the same country it was when it was awarded the games, it's incredibly unstable." As for whether or not it's just based on the location Ron said "if the games were in London like last time around or Tokyo like next time around the guys would be there."

When asked about a favorite for the British Open Ron said "something has changed in Dustin Johnson since his 6 month leave of absence he has come back with much more focus than I've ever seen him have...I think he is realizing the window won't be open forever."


Shannon started by talking about her memories twenty years after winning a gold medal saying "It's amazing to think that it's been that long in some ways it feels like yesterday but in other ways it feels like a lifetime ago." Shannon also described her favorite moment from the 1996 games saying "walking into the arena on that first day of podium training and there were 40 thousand people cheering for us."

Shannon also went on to talk about her battle with ovarian cancer, and beating the terrible disease that has effected so many lives.

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