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The medical spa industry is redefining cosmetic treatment

The medical spa industry is redefining cosmetic treatment
The medical spa industry is redefining cosmetic treatment 03:07

BALTIMORE -- Over the past few decades, the medical spa industry has transformed the way Americans approach cosmetic treatments and self-care.

They're designed to provide clients with a non-surgical, more comprehensive and medical-grade approach to beauty and wellness compared to regular day spas.

With an increasing shift towards holistic cosmetic treatments, these establishments are popping up nationwide.

At PRO MD Health's newest location in Bel Air, physician assistant and owner Amanda Pittillo is embracing the trend, providing an array of aesthetic services that include botox, filler, weight loss programs, and hormonal balance treatments. 

"There was nothing really up here," said Pittillo, emphasizing the need she saw in the Harford County community.

Last year, global data indicated the med spa market was valued at $16.4 billion. With an expected growth rate of 15% by 2030, the industry shows no sign of slowing down. 

This surge is credited to technological advances, evolving consumer preferences, and the so-called "Zoom effect," where video conferencing has made people more aware of their appearance.

"The trend is to just feel good, look good, and present your most youthful self," states Pitillo. She believes a large part of this growth can be attributed to people constantly viewing themselves on camera, hence becoming more conscious of their imperfections.

"Everybody wants to look their best... we just want to look nice, not fake," Diane Maguire, a patient at PRO MD Health in Bel Air said.

Yet, the goal of med spas like PRO MD Health is not to create an "overdone" look, but to enhance the individual's unique features. "It's just about looking like a better you," Pitillo said. "Because if you feel better, then you look better... then you're a better person as a whole."

As med spas continue to flourish, experts emphasize that treatments should focus on the individual's unique features and strive for a refined version of oneself.

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