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The Lumineers Discuss GRAMMY Nominations And Dream Collaborations

When The Lumineers attended the GRAMMY Nominations concert last month in Nashville there were a few clues that led them to believe they might receive a nomination.

"We were at the nominations ceremony and we found out because there was someone with a camera right in our face right before they nominated us," Wesley Schultz confessed. "So we were pretty sure that we were in that category at that point because they had us sitting in the audience."

So, who was the first person they called about the good news?

"I don't think we had any time to tell anybody," Wesley admitted.

Bandmate Jeremiah Fraites agreed.

"I didn't actually have to tell anybody. My phone got so flooded it just shut down," he said. "I didn't have to tell a soul. The word was out on Facebook. It was easy. I didn't have to call anybody, they just knew."

Though the band's not sure they'll actually be in attendance at the GRAMMYs, they reflected on one of the show's most memorable moments from 1998.

"There's a Bob Dylan performance where he gets soy bombed by a man who comes out [with] 'Soy Bomb' written on his chest," Neyla Pekarek said. "I think Dylan handles it so well too he keeps going, it's great. It's very respectable."

Such an iconic moment, Wesley said one of their band members reenacted it for another group they were opening for.

Nominated as Best New Artist and Best Americana Album, while the band remain doubtful they'll take home either award they do promise one thing.

"If we win a GRAMMY we will have the worst speech in GRAMMY history because we're not really expecting to win," Wesley admitted. "We're pretty honored to be nominated and that's pretty shocking in and of itself. Who knows if we'll even be there. I don't know if we've made those plans yet so we'll see."

The Lumineers are competing with Alabama Shakes, fun., Hunter Hayes and Frank Ocean for Best New Artist and are certain they won't be winners.

"Frank Ocean is great. Alabama Shakes are pretty awesome," Wesley said.

"We have no shot. We're smoked," Jeremiah added. "fun. has an eighth of a billion views on YouTube so they'll probably win."

So, who will win the GRAMMY for Best New Artist? Tune in February 10 on CBS to find out.

-Annie Reuter,

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