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Let's Go, O's! The Hottest Tickets In Town May Sizzle Your Pockets

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Scoring a ticket to any Orioles playoff game is not an easy task. It's the first time the team has played in the American League Championship Series since 1997, and if you are one of the lucky ones to score a ticket, get ready to pay.

Marcus Washington has more on the hot item.

The old theory of supply and demand plays a huge role in getting tickets to see the game up close and in person.

"There's just nothing like being there for a big event," a fan said.

"We're baseball fans. Our whole family has grown up in baseball," another fan said.

Richard Miller from Las Vegas is looking to score some of the hottest tickets in Charm City right now.

"We're definitely getting tickets to the game. We even changed our plane tickets and our hotel just to stay for the game," Miller said.

To snatch up this round of playoffs tickets, fans who paid a deposit of $250 by this Monday, were able to purchase pre-sale tickets this Tuesday. All others, well, they will just have to wait like Miller.

"They told me they are going to release tickets on Thursday at noon and hopefully you can get them online," Miller said.

A lot of times people will wait to the last minute and come to the stadium to find the best deal, but you need to be extremely careful because that ticket may not be worth the paper it's printed on.

"When you get them from some certain sources, theoretically the person could have printed out the same tickets three times and you only find out once you get to the gate and they don't work," said  Steve Nickle, with Sports Tickets Unlimited.

Nickle says right now tickets are hot and if you want to go to the playoff games, get ready to pay for the experience.

"There are tickets listed for $1000 and up," Nickle said. "Whether they get it, that's what you'll never know, but there will be plenty of action between the $250 and $500/$600 range."

At this point, it is not likely that will not find a ticket less than $250. Diehard fans are willing to shell out the dough to go.

"I usually pay $200-300 a seat. You're going to have to pay that to get to this," a fan said.

Stay with WJZ-TV and for complete coverage as the Orioles continue its playoff run. The next game will be against the Kansas City Royals. The ALCS will start Friday at Camden Yards.

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