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Parent Volunteer Program Helps The Greenmount School Cut Tuition, Keep Costs Low

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- When you hear the term private school, it's easy to leap to the conclusion that means a very expensive education.

The Greenmount School in Baltimore is keeping its costs down by asking the parents to pitch in and help.

Kyle Kranz is a parent at The Greenmount School.

"I'm helping out with carpool today," he said. "When you join the school, you're obligated to do 40 hours of community time."

For a student to attend The Greenmount School, parents must volunteer. This volunteering by parents is called Co-Op.

"It also saves the school tremendous amounts of money," Co-Op Chair Kelley Glutd said. "$120,000 a year of our budget is saved from Co-Op."

The parent labor allows teachers to attend professional development classes and it keeps tuition low.

The Greenmount School recently received a gift to help attract more families from their own neighborhood in Remington.

"A good friend of our school, Mr. Randy Keifer, his family foundation has gifted our school a gift of $150,000."

Keifer used to own City Chevrolet in Remington. Although it's gone, his scholarship money for Remington kids now continues to help the neighborhood.

"It's a great way to be a part of the school and be a part of what's going on," a parent told WJZ.

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