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The Best Places To Get A Sexy Halloween Costume For Under $40 In Baltimore

Putting together a fantastic Halloween costume can be an expensive undertaking, but nobody wants to spend a whole bunch of money on something they'll wear once, or at best, once a year. With a little creativity and knowledge of the right places to go it is possible to put together a sexy costume with impact for less than $40. These are the best places to budget shop for a costume this year.

Artistic Costumes & Dance Fashions
1304 Goucher Blvd.
Towson, Md. 21286
(410) 321-1121

For more than 60 years, Artistic Costumes has committed itself to offering high-quality and affordable costumes to the Baltimore and Towson areas. Some of its complete costumes may run more than $40, however that doesn't really limit your options. Artistic Costumes carries a fantastic selection of theatrical makeup, accessories and wigs. It also offers a variety of tights, leotards, skirts and shorts sold separately. The shop also has a rental option for some of its more elaborate costumes, which is something to consider in an effort to save money.

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Halloween costumes
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Killer Trash
602 S. Broadway
Baltimore, Md. 21231
(410) 675-2449

If you are looking for something that is sexy as well as unique, you will certainly want to swing into Killer Trash in the heart of Fells Point. While this is a vintage thrift store and not a costume shop, it still offers plenty of pieces that create a truly one-of-a-kind sexy costume on a budget. Find an Audrey Hepburn dress, or an outrageous piece of jewelry that will complete your 1920s flapper costume. Even if you have no idea what costume you will choose this year, Killer Trash offers the inspiration you need.

Unique Thrift Stores has a variety of merchandise for children and adults. (Credit:

Unique Thrift Store
10121 New Hampshire Ave.
White Oak, Md. 20903
(301) 431-7450

The best option for finding a great Halloween costume on a strict budget is perusing the local thrift stores. You may find the perfect retro flowered dress that can be shortened and a pair of white go-go-style boots to create a very authentic hippie girl costume. Also the black leather outfit that Sandy wore in the end of Grease is an easy outfit to put together that doesn't cost a lot of money. Costumes do not have to come pre-assembled in a plastic bag to be fun. Use your creativity and check out Unique Thrift.

The Bottom Drawer

The Bottom Drawer
1001A W. 36th St.
Baltimore, Md. 21211
(410) 783-8998

There is a joke that says on Halloween the hardcore girls just wear lingerie and animal ears. This can be a very sexy, culturally significant and cost-effective way to make an impact on Halloween. The Bottom Drawer in Hampden is known for offering sexy and classy lingerie. All you have to do is pick out the perfect nightie that makes you look fabulous and is as comfortable as you want it to be, and then simply swing by any party store for an inexpensive pair of cat ears and a tail.

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Les Gals Active Warehouse
2337 Distribution Circle
Silver Spring, Md. 20910
(301) 608-3237

Dance wear can be a great affordable base for a sexy Halloween costume. It is easy to create a popular pop star look with a pair of zebra print shorts and knee high boots. A basic leotard can also be used as a base for a creative DIY costume that will fit even the smallest budget. Les Gals in Silver Spring offers an extensive selection of dance gear at very affordable prices. If you live in the suburban D.C. area this is a great little shop to meet your costume needs.

Jenna Clark has been a freelance writer for two years and a blogger for four years. Her current blog gives advice to women about how to look fashionable on a budget. Jenna currently lives in Bel Air with her husband, Brandon, and their two dogs. Her work can be found at

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