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The Best Of The Norris & Davis Show - Week Of August 14, 2015

This week's Best Of's include interviews with Terrapin Times reporter Keith Cavanaugh, sports attorney and litigator Jason Bonk and CSN Baltimore's Brent Harris.

Listen to the full interviews here:

Maryland Terrapins Football Preview With Keith Cavanaugh

Keith Cavanaugh joined Ed and Steve to talk about Randy Edsall's 2015 Maryland Terrapins' Football program.

The guys start by discussing the quarterback position vacated by C. J. Brown. The lead candidate is Caleb Rowe but Daxx Garman is right behind him. "There's a ton of newness, change, even a little uncertainty heading in. Who is going to be that quarterback? Will Caleb Rowe's knee hold up? Twice he's blown out his knee, non-contact the last two years," Keith explained. "Daxx Garman, the fifth-year transfer is eligible right away. Really looked good in summer 7-on-7s and camp started this week. Both throw really catchable balls, both have quick releases, accurate, they can make all the throws. So it's going to be a tight battle throughout camp. Daxx Garman has every chance to win this battle if Caleb slips up at all."

The Terps are really going through some key changes, which Keith listed off some of, "When you really look at the fact that you're breaking in a new defensive coordinator, a new 4-3 scheme, you've tweaked the offense, you've got 2 other new assistant coaches, you've changed the philosophy in the weight room, Randy Edsall got a contract extension, three fifth-year transfer newcomers that will probably impact, if not start by opening day. So a lot of new names, new faces, a lot to replace on defense. Year two in the Big Ten and they've gotten more physical and stronger up front on both lines, so we need to see it starting to transfer now."

Ed asked Keith more about the weight room philosophy and whether that is just to get the lines more physical. Keith explained that the old philosophy was all about finesse, agility and athleticism while the new approach is bulk, mass and strength. Recruiting has been a key part of this change; "Finally starting to recruit some 4- and 5-star offensive lineman... They've got to get more downhill. The running backs haven't lit the world on fire but they haven't had a whole lot of holes to run through the last couple of years." Keith explained, "I think you're going to get away from the zone read and back to more pro-style, pocket-style quarterbacks and I think they will have more time to throw the ball and the offense will be more balanced with more run."

As for Randy Edsall's contract extension, Steve wasn't really impressed and was skeptical that it looked better than it really was; "He needs to be able to tell recruits that he is under contract. So we're going to extend him but they didn't really make that much of a commitment to him in the sense that if they want to get rid of him at the end of his original tern, they can. If they fire him a year later they're not on the hook at all." Keith agreed with Steve saying, "The contract is definitely back loaded. The ownness is on Randy [Edsall] to produce this year and next year for the incentives and the reaises and the bonuses to all kick in. It's on him, there's no doubt about it. But yes, you have to give a vote of confidence because what coach can recruit and keep verbal commitments going into their second to last year over a six-year contract? Nobody really."

The guys also discuss some of the other schools in the Big Ten schools such as Ohio State, Michigan (with new coach Jim Harbaugh), Penn State and Michigan State.

Lawyer Jason Bonk On The Tom Brady Appeal Hearing

Jason Bonk is a sports attorney and litigator with the Cozen O'Connor firm in New York. Jason joined Ed and Steve to talk about Tom Brady's appeal of his DeflateGate suspension.

Steve asked Jason what being in the courtroom was like yesterday. Jason said of the proceedings that, "it was interesting, Judge Berman wants this case resolved, we're talking about inflated ego's and deflated footballs, and Berman gave it to both sides."

Ed asked Jason about his thoughts on what he's seen so far in the proceedings. Jason noted that this case "is about the four game suspension, Judge Berman grilled the NFL first saying that the Well's report was garbage, then he grilled the Brady camp asking how Brady couldn't have known about the deflated footballs." Jason also acknowledged that Judge Berman wants the two sides to reach a settlement because the issue at hand isn't a very important one.

Jason went on to say that he believes the NFL now has all the leverage because it is not often that the courts will overturn an arbitration affirmation ruling. Jason also mentioned that he disagrees with comments made by Alan Milstein, who believes Tom Brady will win this case and not have to serve a suspension. Jason finished by noting that Tom Brady could have handled the entire controversy better had he "fallen on his sword the right way" from the beginning.

Brent Harris Previews The Ravens Pre Season Opener Tonight Against The Saints

Brent Harris covers the Ravens for Comcast Sportsnet Mid Atlantic and Brent joined Ed and Steve to talk about tonight's pre-season opener for the Ravens and which position battles to watch.

Steve asked Brent how backup quarterback Matt Schaub has looked in camp. Despite Schaub's struggles Brent doesn't seem to be too concerned as of now saying, "listening to Matt talk about why he's struggling in camp it makes sense. It feels like he's not too worried about his play, its hard to put value on his training camp struggles. The preseason is going to be important to see how he plays against other teams."

Ed asked Brent about how many wide receivers he thinks the Ravens will carry this season. Brent said that he thinks the number "will end up being 6 or 7. We really haven't had our full compliment of receivers in practice yet in camp. When you talk about the last roster spot at wide receiver, it's going to come down to special teams."

Brent went on to discuss who he believes will return punts and kicks this season, how our secondary has looked in camp with the recent additions of Kyle Arrington and Kendrick Lewis, the departure of defensive lineman Haloti Ngata and the expectations for rookie tight end Maxx Williams.

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