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Terps Talk With Chris Noche


Terps color commentator Chris Knoche joined Scott and Jeremy on Wednesday to try to explain what has been going wrong for the Terps Mens Basketball team as of late. Chris tried to keep it pretty simple. "Its a perfect storm of bad things going on at the same time. You have a team that hasn't quite jelled or quite figured it out yet."

Scott followed up by asking what went wrong the other night against NC State after having such a commanding lead. "The terps go up 11 with a bucket and then for the next four minutes they go brain dead. There were some terrible turnovers. One of the reasons you have a big lead is because NC State scored 20 points in the first half. You eliminated any easy opportunities any breakouts any live ball turnovers. Those are all the things that went right in the first half, that went terribly wrong in the second half."

Listen to the full interview right here!

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