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Terps Men's Basketball Team Headed To Ohio For NCAA Tournament

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ) -- Less than 48 hours and counting until the Maryland men's game in the NCAA Tournament. March Madness is here, and the excitement is building for what fans hope is a deep run.

Marcus Washington has more on the sendoff for the team, as they head to Ohio for their first game.

There's a lot of excitement in College Park. And even though the students are on spring break at the University of Maryland, the Terps men's basketball team still got a nice sendoff.

The Terps men's basketball team is heading out for their first game in the NCAA Tournament in five years.

"I love the atmosphere. Kind of maybe warm ups and halftime. During the game, I don't see a crowd," said Richaud Pack, Terps senior guard.

"It means a lot to this group of guys cause this is a special group here," said Dez Wells, Terps senior guard.

This is the bus the team will take to the airport as they head to Ohio. Many fans say they hope this is the beginning of them winning it all.

Robin Ficker says he was there in 2001 when the men's basketball team made the Final Four, and in 2002, when the men won the NCAA Basketball Championship.

Washington: "What does it mean for you to be here to support the team, for them to see you here?"

Ficker: "Well it's on spring break, so the students are all gone. They need an experienced fan, and I'm an experienced fan. And I love the Terps. We're going all the way."

Many fans will not be able to attend the game in Ohio, but say they will be watching and rooting.

Head coach Mark Turgeon and the men's basketball team will be featured on the premiere episode SHOWTIMESports' new documentary special "HOOPS U."

The exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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