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Tennessee Titans Coach Calls Lamar Jackson 'Best Player In The League' Ahead Of Matchup

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens are set to face the Tennessee Titans at home Saturday in the divisional playoffs.

But on Sunday, Titans Coach Mike Vrabel called Jackson the best player in the NFL, when discussing what he knows about his opponents.

"The defensive line is disruptive. They play with their hands. They are hard to move," Vrabel said. "Offensively, they [have the] best player in the league. He's impossible to tackle."


"On any other day it would be fun to watch, but not when you're trying to prepare for them and stop them," Vrabel continued. "They're well-coached, their physical, it's what the Baltimore Ravens have always been -- especially with John [Harbaugh]."

The coach discussed how the Titans are preparing to face the no. 1 ranked Ravens.

"We'll try to do everything we can to win a football game this week," Vrabel said. "We'll have to throw it better. If it's we have to run it better, we'll run it better."

Mike Vrabel: There's Not Many Players in the League Like Derrick Henry by Tennessee Titans on YouTube

Vrabel continued to praise Jackson's ability.

"So it's been impressive in the few games I've watched today. You kind of hear about what he's doing, but you never really watched it. You've watched it a little bit in crossover games, but then to be able to sit there and watch him improvise and make plays."

"He's a special player," Vrabel added.

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