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Teamwork Is Key To Successful Software Development In Baltimore

Yair Flicker is the president of SmartLogic in Baltimore. SmartLogic, a development firm serving a broad range of area clients, is known for building, creating and testing the latest innovations in web and mobile software products. The team specializes in Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, HTML, backbone, ember, React and node as well as other advanced technologies. SmartLogic continuously engineers and fine-tunes the overall development process behind all the latest innovations in order to make everything as stress-free as possible for clients. They provide services to both funded start-ups as well as established enterprises.

(Photo Courtesy of Yair Flicker)

Flicker relocated to Maryland from Ohio and attended Johns Hopkins University. It was here that he earned his bachelor's degree as well as his M.S.E. degree in computer science. Over the years and through his many experiences, Flicker has also spent time writing numerous codes in over a dozen programming languages. Additionally, he has gained a lot of knowledge about the theory of computer science, engineering systems and processes in general. He also has some engineering experience.

What inspired you to enter your field and to do what you currently do?

"Ever since I was a kid (since the early 90s, when I was 10 or so) I have been creating websites and software. My dad would bring home old computers from his office, and I would tinker with them."

What does it take to be successful in what you do?

"You need to be continuously curious. The world moves quickly, but nowhere is that more true than in the world of software development. The best thing you can do is keep writing codes and stay on top of the latest technologies, libraries, programming languages and standards that are being released. You also need to be a people person. None of the great software products of our time were written by one person. Successful software is built-in teams, big and small, and by cross-disciplinary teams as well. Similarly, no great lasting businesses are built by one person."

What is some advice you can offer others interested in your field?

"Pick up some books from a library or from Amazon and learn a few languages. There are also a number of online courses you can take. But the key is, follow some kind of table of contents/syllabus/course outline as opposed to just poking around without a plan."

Laura Catherine Hermoza has a lifelong love for writing. In addition to serving as a contributor to various media publications, she is also a published novelist of several books and works as a proofreader/editor. LC resides in Baltimore County.

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