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Teacher Accused Of Having Sexual Relationship With Archbishop Curley Student

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Shocking charges against a local Catholic school teacher. She is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student.

Derek Valcourt has details of the arrest and the outrage.

The teacher was removed from her job and now faces criminal charges.

Science teacher Lynette Trotta, 33, is charged with sex abuse of a minor after an alleged affair with a 17-year-old student at Archbishop Curley High School.

The student told investigators the relationship started with texts and emails that eventually turned sexual in nature. Those texts led to kissing and other physical contact, at times inside Trotta's classroom during school hours and also in her car after school hours.

"A librarian at the school was made aware of the situation. She reported it to the Archdiocese, which then reported it to us," said Lt. Eric Kowalczyk, Baltimore City Police.

School officials suspended Trotta from her job and they also suspended the school librarian who reported the inappropriate relationship on April 1.

"However, she had known about it for several weeks, and so because she didn't immediately report that, we suspended her for violating our policies as well as state law," said Sean Caine, Archdiocese spokesperson.

"She should have reported it immediately," said Becky Ianni, S.N.A.P.

Sex abuse victims advocates are calling on the Archdiocese to fire--not just suspend--that librarian and say no consent exists between a child and an adult.

"She is 33 years old. She is his teacher. She's in a position of power, and she misused that power in her position to abuse a minor," Ianni said.

Trotta worked at the school since 2007, so the Archdiocese sent a letter to recent graduates and to the parents of current students, alerting them to the situation and asking anyone with other pertinent information to come forward.

WJZ has learned the suspect is married to a fellow teacher.

Guidance counselors have been on hand at the school to address any students' concerns or questions.

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